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  A unique piece made of royal icing and decorated using various royal iced techniques. This is not a cake that would be made for anything other than a competition. It was infact the first pyamid piece ever entered.

Silver wedding cake decorated with extension work on the sides and sugar flower arrangements on top.

Wedding cake made from sugarpaste and arranged on mirrors and lite glasses for presentation purposes only. Flowers, foliage and swans handcrafted from sugar. This was made to reflect a waterfall theme.

Sugar flowers. Each flower made from sugar and wired as if done by a florist.

This New Years cake was specifically designed with the Millenium in mind! It would be easy with slight alterations to design it as a christmas cake!

Royal icedA special cake it is a royal iced piece with extensions on the side and runouts adorning the top. The centre was made of sugar flowers to match the theme colour.